Friday, December 19, 2008

Jackson's Favorite Things!

I have to give credit to Kara for this post. What a cute idea to list Gavin's favorite things... so of course, I just had to do the same! So here it goes...

His Rollback
This is his favorite toy and despite its large size, he must take it to bed each night! He even includes it in his night, night list before prayers. His Pawpaw bought it for him earlier this year and he hasn't stopped playing with it since. It's a good thing he has a rollback since Lightning McQueen, police car, and school bus are always breaking down and in need of a ride. In fact if there's any sort of accident, Jackson's Towing and Recovery is there to help! Plus, Charles likes it too... boys!
Mommy especially loves that he loves movies! He loves Cars, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Shrek, Ratatouille... gosh, just about any Disney movie really. Even though these aren't movies, he also loves the Backyardigans and the Wonder Pets... he even sings the theme song to them when they come on. Is it bad that he also says "coming to theaters soon" when the movies start? Maybe we should cut back on the movies... nah... Mommy needs time to cook (and sit!)

Bath time with Daddy
Jackson loves his Daddy time each night while in the tub. From downstairs, all I hear is laughing and splashing, so it must be a good time! Plus it gives Mommy some time to relax! (Do you see a theme here?)
His grandparents
Just mention Granny and Pawpaw or Nana and Grandpa and he gets all excited! Jackson actually loves talking on the phone with them (don't know where he got that from?!?). This week he keeps saying he wants Granny to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with him... so I call her up (he actually called his Granny on his own this week after he stole my phone and ran upstairs!) and they sing together... it's so cute! I know he's looking forward to Christmas so he can see everyone again! Even Aunt P is making the trip and he loves some Aunt P too! Just wait until he learns they will be 'bunking' together... neither one will get any sleep over Christmas! I can't forget the dogs here either. Jackson snuggles, lays, kisses and sits on Snoopy and Abbie on a regular basis. I'm so glad they are gentle and loving dogs... Jackson's 'affection' can be pretty rough some times!


I love the way Jackson runs to me when I pick him up from school every day. It is the highlight of my day when he jumps in my arms for a big hug! Then I get to see his face light up again when he hears the door open when Daddy comes home... repeating over and over.. Daddy's home, Daddy's home! He is just a joy to be with and we love our time with him even more!

He loves to be loved

Jackson loves to give hugs and kisses and we love it too! He loves cuddle time each night and sitting on our laps during movie time. He is a very affectionate little boy and we cherish every moment because I know some day he won't even want to be seen with us in public... ugh, the teenage years already scare me! So for now, I'll take all the kisses he wants to give (and receive!).

The outdoors

Boy am I glad he likes the outdoors! Of course, he really didn't have a choice since that's about all we do when it's nice... swim, hike, camp, swing, etc. We're already missing General Pepper and can't wait to take it out as soon as it warms up! Jackson misses it so much he wants to go play in it while it's parked in the backyard.

Being silly

Finally... he loves to be silly! He likes to dance, sing, put funny things on his head... whatever it takes to be funny! I can't imagine what side of the family this came from (Charles anyone?!?). I hope he never loses this part of his personality because he is just a blast to be around and that's why I did fall in love with his Daddy! Whether it's pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, tissue out of the box, or Tupperware out of the cabinet, he'll find a way to have fun and make a mess!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lights of the Ozarks

This weekend was all about Christmas! Friday night we drove around looking at lights in Benton County, then on Saturday we drove down to Fayetteville to enjoy the Lights of the Ozarks on the square. We went to eat at U.S. Pizza first. I got a salad for an appetizer and it ended up being Jackson's salad. I couldn't believe he was eating huge chunks of lettuce and loving it! After dinner we went down to the square and the first thing we had to do was go for a pony ride. After that was over, he saw the camels being unloaded and started running after them saying "I wanna ride camel!" He has a memory like an elephant! When Granny and PawPaw took him to the safari in Gentry this summer, he got to ride a pony and camel there, so he was so excited when he saw them. Of course, he didn't want to get off when the 60 second, 10 dollar ride was over. After a trip or two around the square, we made the trek by our old house in Johnson to look at the lights, but unfortunately there were only a couple of houses with lights on. I think it should be a requirement if you live on a street with a holiday-like name, i.e. Silver Bell Trace, you should have to put lights up! Overall, we had a great time and enjoyed looking at all the lights. It was a very fun evening for all of us!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where's Santa?

We finally went to visit Santa today. This is about as close as we got... if you look really close, you can see Santa in the background. Jackson got distracted by the rides as soon as we got there. Then as soon as he saw Santa, he ran back to the rides screaming "No see Santa Claus!" So basically this is our "Santa" picture for '08. Oh well... at least we tried! :) Jackson does like to include Santa in his prayers, so as long as he doesn't have to see him, he'll believe!

Monday, December 8, 2008

2 years old and already blogging

Welcome to the Sebourn family blog! Jackson has already taken to this blogging thing... it's amazing how fast kids learn these days. When Jackson starting showing me how to change the layout, I knew I was in trouble! Through this blog, we hope to update all our friends and family about what's going on in the Sebourn family.. which means all things Jackson since he pretty much rules the household right now... or at least he thinks he does (although sometimes I think I agree with him). He's already wearing a spot in the carpet on our bottom step since he sits there so much for time out!

We're all looking forward to Christmas around here and Jackson can't wait for Santa to come for a visit. In theory, he thinks Santa is great, but in reality, he's a scary, scary man! We saw Santa in Walmart yesterday and Jackson just about jumped out of the cart when we got close, ready to run the other way. We'll see how it goes when we visit him at the mall.

Jackson has been very "helpful" when it comes to decorating and wrapping presents. We've got some very saggy branches on our tree. Jackson has been redecorating the tree for the past two weeks and likes to hang as many ornaments as he can on the same branch. Today while I was wrapping gifts, he wanted to help put them under the tree. Well, to a 2 year old, everything is taken very literally, so he was stuffing everything, no matter how big or small, under the tree. I actually only got 3 things wrapped before he'd lost interest and was begging me to dance to Jingle Bell Rock. Maybe we'll get a couple more wrapped tomorrow... at this rate, hopefully I'll be done by Christmas!

One final note to end the day... Jackson found some "band-aids" in the bathroom and decided he needed to put them on... enjoy!