Monday, November 30, 2009

Nana and Grandpa's House

The boys and I recently visited their Nana and Grandpa's house in Fort Smith for a little fun... well, a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from our adventure.

Jackson and Brady's cousins, Emma and Dakota, came over the first night we were there and had the best time! Here they are pictured in a rare moment... sitting down. They ran all over the backyard and house until it was bedtime and they were worn out!

The birds were out of food, so Emma and Jackson decided to fill up the feeder. I think more landed on the ground than in the feeder... at least the squirrels will be happy!
Brady rocking and relaxing with his Nana.
Jackson talking to his Daddy on the phone. Obviously he was excited to hear from him!
Before we left, Grandpa played his guitar for all of us. He used to play for Charles when he was little too. Jackson loved it! He danced and sang along... it was just adorable!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No More Peas Please!

I don't know what I was thinking when I gave Brady his first taste of vegetables and chose peas. I don't like peas, Charles doesn't like peas... obviously Brady doesn't like them either. Luckily we've moved on to squash and sweet potatoes and he likes them both. He tried some applesauce this week and that went over pretty good as well. He's not as big of an eater as Jackson was. Jackson pretty much liked everything he tried. Brady is going to be a much pickier eater I can already tell...oh boy! --this coming from the person who lived on hot dogs and applesauce growing up... I shouldn't complain. :)

Random Stuff

Things have been busy around the Sebourn household! I've been meaning to blog for a couple of weeks, but haven't had time since Jackson has decided he doesn't want to take naps anymore. I guess I'm okay with that since he's fully potty-trained again. I'd much rather him give up naps than still be in pull-ups! This past weekend was our last camping trip of the year. It was a perfect weekend too... couldn't believe it was mid-November! It did get pretty cold at night, so we bundled up and sat by the fire, which Jackson helped start. Here are some picture from our camping trip... and other random stuff.
Brady nice and warm... isn't his hat cute?!?

Jackson helping Daddy start the fire. We made smores after dinner... they were delicious! I need to remember not to shake my stick though when the marshmallows catch fire. One of my marshmallows flew off the stick and landed on the box of graham crackers, catching it on fire. Whoops!

Brady playing in the trailer while I got dinner ready. He loves his excersaucer now that he can reach all the toys.

I hosted a Pampered Chef party in October. When all of the stuff arrived, it came in several big boxes... which were perfect for a train. I think it made a pretty awesome train if I should say so myself. :)

Here's a cute picture of my favorite boys. Brady looks so big!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Johnny Brusco's with some of Jackson's friends. They let them make their own pizzas and then take them home to eat them.

Here's Jackson putting on the cheese. I had to ask for more cheese because he kept eating it before it made it to the pizza. Typical Sebourn... loves him some cheese!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swim, Swim, Swim!

Jackson has been taking swim lessons for a couple of months now and is quite the little swimmer. He just jumps right in, goes under water, and pops back up without hesitation. We swam a lot this summer in the neighborhood pool, so he was used to getting in and climbing out on his own. They have a great time together and actually listen to the teacher too! Parents get to watch class from a dark room upstairs where the kids can't see us... that way we're not distracting them. Here are some pictures from Jackson's most recent class.
Jackson with his friends in class... Evan, Maddie & Kate
Waiting for class to begin.

Miss Jo teaching them how to kick while floating around on the mat.

Picking out a toy to throw and swim to.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was so much fun this year! Jackson was excited to dress up in his pirate costume. He actually got to wear it three days in a row... Thursday, we hosted playgroup at our house and had the kids dress up... then Friday was the Halloween party at the Walmart/Sam's home office... then of course, the big event on Saturday. Brady looked adorable in his lion costume. He filled it out nicely with his cute little chubby cheeks and belly! Charles and I got into the spirit too and dressed up. I was a witch and Charles was... well, if you've seen Saturday Night Live.. you'll know. Brady started out the night very lively, but between the warmth of his costume and the darkness, he was out like a light! Jackson ran into his friend Lilly while we were out and I just had to get a picture of the two little pirates together! Here are some pictures from our big night out.