Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend at Devil's Den

The weather was so beautiful this past weekend, we just had to go camping. Jackson had been asking about the trailer for weeks and was so excited to be able to 'help' pull it out of the backyard. He even told me Thursday night he didn't want to go to school because he wanted to go camping. Luckily Charles got Jackson off to daycare the next morning without any major issues... well, besides the normal ones anyways. :) Jackson hasn't stopped talking about the trip since we got home and keeps asking if we can go again. Hopefully we'll get lots of nice weather this spring before Brady gets here so Mommy can go too! Here are some pictures from our fun weekend at Devil's Den.

Jackson just mastered pedaling, so most of the weekend was spent riding his tricycle. He actually met a little girl named Caroline as soon as we got there and was smitten the rest of the trip. He chased her (she's 6) on his bike the entire weekend. I guess he likes the older ladies!

A camping trip wouldn't be complete without giant bubbles! Too bad this activity only lasted about 5 minutes before the bubble stuff was dumped out. Mommy will remember to bring extra next time!

Abbie thinks this is her chair, but Jackson wasn't so sure about that. Sharing is such a hard thing to learn!

Last year, they seemed to fit much better!

What better way to enjoy the weather than take the dogs for a walk? Jackson did a great job walking Snoopy... or pulling as Jackson liked to say, although Snoopy did the pulling, not Jackson!

We hiked down to the river so Jackson could throw some rocks into the water. Our hikes are getting much shorter the heavier Jackson gets. Of course, I was hiking with a lot of extra weight this time around too, so I was pretty exhausted myself! :)

This is from one of our first hikes with the backpack in the fall of 2007... oh, how Jackson has grown!

And finally... Jackson is the perfect height for this secret sliding window that he thinks was made just for him! As I'm writing this blog, Jackson is repeating "I want to go camping again" over and over, so I'm sure we'll have a lot more pictures to come!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

We woke up on the last day of February to find the ground covered in snow. Since we never had the chance to go out and play during the ice storm, we were excited to get another snow before winter ended. After Jackson and I examined the snow for a very long time from the comfort of his window seat, I promised we would head out to play as soon as it warmed up, but considering it never got above freezing, there wasn't much of a warm up! When it hit 28 degrees (with a wind chill of 18!), we bundled up and hit the backyard. His first order of business was the clear the slides of all snow, so he took off running for the swing set. Next up was the toddler slide... a much shorter ride, but still all the fun! Snoopy and Abbie were having a great time chasing each other, so Jackson got in on the action for while too. Then it was back to the swing set for more fun. Surprisingly, it was Jackson who decided it was time to go in after only about 15 minutes in the snow. He said it was cold and wanted to go inside, so he took off running to shed the layers. To his surprise, Daddy was waiting inside, just back from the grocery store, with a surprise for him! He's now the proud owner of a plastic baseball bat and ball. He's already got a pretty good swing, but unfortunately, he aims for the dogs more than the ball!