Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Elmo!

Elmo turned 3 this weekend, so of course, we had to celebrate. Borders Books in Rogers has a toddler story time every weekend and this weekend their theme was Elmo's birthday. Jackson talked about it for days leading up to the party. He told us that he wanted to see Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Ernie and just about every other Sesame Street character he could think of. He also told us that they would all be driving their cars to the party and would eat birthday cake. He had an entire story planned out of how things would go... I hope he wasn't disappointed when none of the characters were there. I told them they were celebrating on Sesame Street... but then he asked if we could go there instead! He did get to make a birthday card for Elmo and eat some sweets... plus we read lots of books while we were there and he got to play with his friend Lydia... so overall it was a sucessful party! We'll have to go back for another Saturday story time... not to mention, I just read on their website that there's a free coffee tasting during that time for parents.. yummy!

Granny, PawPaw and I recently cheered on the hogs at Bud Walton Arena (Daddy was on a business trip). Although we lost that game to Kentucky, we still had a great time. Jackson was so excited to see Big Red, Pork Chop, Sooie and Ribby (Boss Hog). He has a Razorback book at home, so he is familiar with everything Razorback! Besides for losing his hot dog on the ground after the bag finally gave out from moisture, he did great! He actually watched the entire game and especially loved the time outs when the cheerleaders and mascots would dance. He of course had to take a time out to drink his Sprite.. which did not have a lid or straw, so I was a bit nervous, but we made it out of there without any major messes... mission accomplished! Next year should be even more interesting since there will be another little boy (and diaper bag, carrier, etc.) in tow! Thank goodness Granny and PawPaw will be there with the extra hands to continue our yearly tradition!